The King Of Queens Laundromat Grand Opening


King of Queens Laundromat is opening its doors at 11am on the 28th  October, with a Grand Opening and a Ribbon cutting ceremony.

The newest arrival to 31st street is making laundry even easier, and way more efficient.

The laundromat will offer the usual; pick up, delivery, drop off service but has some extras. The new shop has TV’s to keep up with all the latest, Wifi, ATM, Snack Machines and double shelved folding tables for easier folding and organizing.

It’s equipped with 24 washers and 24 dryers and 8 folding tables. It’s also got bag tags which get scanned for each customer, making it more efficient.

Business owner and Astorian born and bred Alex Navarro made sure to get all the latest and the best. Once established, he hopes to start introducing a point system with the scans where customers receive credit for vouchers or free services.

He also has discounts in place for all Military, NYPD and FDNY customers.

Navarro, a member of the Queens Chamber of Commerce will hope to have quite the turnout on the Grand Opening, where a political member is set to cut the ribbon.  

The 1800 square foot establishment is located on 25-38 31st Street, and is Navarro’s first business. The Astorian stayed clear of bars and restaurants, stating that he wanted to give Astoria a laundromat that was better than the rest and offered more.

Grand Opening: October 28th 11am. 

Where: 25-38 31st Street

Phone: (718)728-0228

Open: 6AM-Midnight