Pumpkinpalooza Is Taking Over Astoria!


Unless you have blinders on, even then, it’s pretty hard to miss that our favorite merchants are bursting at the seams and sidewalks with all things pumpkin. We must not fight this magically enchanted vegetable, after all, it did transform into an epic carriage for a certain princess.


We’ve searched all our little piece of the globe and came back with three (because four’s too many and two’s not enough) mind and body remedies for the season that includes, you guessed it…Pumpkins.


Greenbay Market Place:

3206 Broadway


Cliché or not, there’s just something nostalgic, soothing and innocent about carving a pumpkin. And, on the plus side it’s a great way to let out some aggression. Adult supervision may be required for some adults. Greenbay has pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, pick up a few and have a carving party.




Martha’s Country Bakery:

3621 Ditmars Blvd



All that cutting, scooping and carving making you crave something a little pumpkiny? Stop by Martha’s Country Bakery and pick up all things dessert, all things pumpkin. Oh, and they have a contest for a $50 voucher. It’s better when it’s free. Enter HERE TO WIN!




Astoria Bier & Cheese (Ditmars):

35-11 Ditmars Blvd.,



Exhausted from the carving? Thirsty from the eating? No worries, we have you covered, take a stroll over to #ABConDitmars, with a variety of pumpkin crafted beers, you’ll soon be in the festive mood.





Whether you’re trickin’ or treating, play safe #Astoria!