Astoria Craft Opens its Doors!

Craft Astoria.jpg

Astoria Craft Bar & Kitchen has finally opened its doors this week. Bout time!

Located on 1801 26th Road, this quaint little place is a just a stones throw away from Astoria Park. Perfect for those who live close and don't wanna go all the way to the main streets for a drink. 

So what's on show? Well, apart from the cool wooden atmohsphere and added rustic decor, they got a menu we can't wait to try. 

Fresh Pizzas with dough that's made on the premise daily, Burger and Sandwich specialties, Brunch and much more.. 

And there's also a great variety of beers on their Tap List that any beer drinker would enjoy. 

They also got cool little things like t-shirts customers can purchase. 

Needless to say, the place is gonna be a hit. The location is perfect for those wanting a relaxed drink, and the park just adds to the attraction. 


Where: 1801 26th Road, Astoria

Phone: (718) 278-4300

Facebook Link


Bon Appetite Astoria!