Could The W Train Be Coming Back To Astoria?

For a while now, MTA officials along with other committees have been in talks about the future of Astoria lines, according to amNewYork.

The Q line will, perhaps by December 2016, be rerouted to new second avenue subway instead of its current destination, Queens.

The MTA has been privately considering options, with one idea being at the forefront of the talks.


Image By AP / Kathy Willens. Via


Board member for MTA and chairman of the New York Cities Transit Council, Andrew Albert told amNewYork that it was his initial idea to bring back the W, stating that it was a logical choice when the Q was set to leave, to bring back something the residence were already half familiar with.

Others have joined Mr Albert, with Bill Henderson (MTA Permanent Citizen Advisory Committee) stating that a second line is needed since the N is not able to cope with the exponentially increasing amount of riders.

Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, who represents Astoria told amNewYork that although she supports the W line’s resurrection, having been there five years ago when the W, the V train and many bus routes were cut, she feels that more services are necessary. Her concern stems from the current growth which Astoria has seen over the years.


However talks have only remained talks for now, an MTA spokesperson telling amNewYork that the discussion is open, with a decision yet to be made.

Even so, the change if accepted should not cause too much of a hassle, as the infrastructure is already there, with stations and routes still being used, making the change less costly and overall simpler for Astoria riders.

If plans were to go ahead, and if the W line was to go back to its original route, it would be travelling from Astoria to Lower Manhattan which would save commuters from a transfer at 59th street onto the Lexington Avenue Line. This could also give the N train a chance to run express to Manhattan which should speed up efficiency.


Whatever the case may be, there is certainly change on the horizon for Astoria lines.