Greg Kyroglou: Changing Real-estate in Astoria!

Greg Kyroglou’s parents, like many first-generation Astoria residents, came over to the neighborhood from Greece, putting down roots in a home that was immensely different from their own – and yet, somehow, just a little bit reminiscent of it.

Growing up, Greg moved – a lot. Bouncing from apartment to apartment, his parents attempted to find the perfect one: each one just a little different, each one a little new. Eight moves in total left Greg with a knowledge of Astoria: and a taste of the real estate world.

Four years ago, he came on as Manager of the 23rd street branch of Modern Spaces, a real estate firm that focuses on luxury rentals and condos. Business boomed in Astoria, and soon a 30th avenue location was added as well.

“People talk about Astoria, saying that it ‘erupted,’ but for those of us who have lived here our whole lives, it was just a matter of when. We always knew Astoria was great – we knew it was one of the best neighborhoods. It was everyone else that didn’t know.”

The thing that was important to Greg, though, was having Astoria real estate kept in Astoria:

“I knew that somehow who lived in Manhattan didn’t have the knowledge of the neighborhood that I did. I’ve spent my whole life here, so I know where the best parts for families are, where the best deals for 20-somethings’s are, and where the commuters want to be.”

Greg tells us he’s worked with nearly all budgets – finding the perfect spot for each individual that’s asked for his help.

“Our focus is new developments: condos, rentals, luxury rentals, and home sales.”

So, what exactly is a luxury rental?

“It’s higher quality apartments: stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, virtual doormen, gyms, washers and dryers inside, and parking. Simple marble countertops aren’t luxury. The entire experience has to be.”


With four other offices throughout New York, Modern Spaces is also able to find homes that are outside of Astoria – if you’re limited by budget, but not particular to where you want to be.


“It’s a big team, with lots of different personalities. That’s what sets us apart: Each client will really connect with one of our real estate agents. When you find someone who understands your vision, it’s like magic.”


Understanding the vision is a big part: Greg says that one of the most important aspects he looks for in someone to join the Modern Spaces team is a true passion for Astoria:


“Until you love the neighborhood, you can’t understand real estate in it. When you have to manage people, you want them to put in the same love you’re putting in.”


Greg tells us the real estate word, despite its reputation for being cutthroat and intense, is a world he can’t imagine not being part of.


“My parents first showed me my love for real estate, but it really grew from there. Every client is different, so you get to deal with hundreds of unique personalities, and interact with people from all walks of life. Every day is different.”


Greg tells us that Modern spaces truly embodies its name: all the apartments they find are unique and modern. They have two big projects coming soon: The Grove, a luxury building located at 30-40 31st Street, complete with 66 rentals, and another 55 unit luxury building on 31st avenue and 29th street.


They’re going to be beautiful – and Greg can’t wait to share.