Dr. Day: Part Dentist, Part Family

Among all the restaurants and cafes, the boutiques and furniture stores, we sometimes forget about the people the keep Astorians going – the doctors, dentists, nurses, and other people that serve our residents.


We recently had the chance to talk to Dr. Aleksandr Dayanayev, who along with his partner Dr. Malakov, started Steinway Dental more than 15 years ago.


He is passionate about dentistry and is a family man at heart. He lives in Queens with his wife and three children. Dr Dayanayev and Dr Malakov decided to open the practice in Astoria which was always their dream at dental school. They have seen the practice grow and now have a patient base of around 17,000 patients. He is known in the community and practice as ‘ Dr Day’. His unique ability is to put patients at ease and comfortable during treatment. Dr. Day is also a huge supporter of education and the arts. Currently Steinway Family Dental Center is planning events with charities and in January will be celebrating its 15th year anniversary.




Have you always wanted to be a dentist?

He laughs. Not really! When I was 10 I wanted to be a mathematician. Then an attorney. Than a dentist. I stuck with that one!


What’s the best part of being a dentist?

A lot of people come to me in pain – and you probably know a toothache is one of the worst pains you can have. I love that I know if someone comes in to my office and they’re in pain, I have the power to alleviate that pain. They leave my office relieved, and feeling instantly better – and it’s because  I could help them.


You’re a family dentist, so a lot of your patients are children – how do you help children that are really afraid of making a dentist visit?

Honestly, you have to remember children are just little people and human being, and you have to treat them like that. You can’t give them marching orders. They have their own fears, just like adults to. You have to work with them, through their fears, and create an environment that they’re comfortable in. It’s about showing them that there’s nothing to be afraid of – and if they are afraid, help them through it.


What’s something most people don’t know about being a dentist?

Something people don’t realize is that we just so many different kinds of people. Everyone has to go to the dentist – seriously! No matter what your profession is, you need to get your teeth checked up on. So I get to meet everyone in Astoria, and interact with all these interesting people. What I like about dentistry – you meet all kinds of people – theyre just amazing at what they do.


Why did you choose Astoria as your location?

It’s the best location – it’s not too far from the city the demographic is really different- people from all walks of life and different nationalities and different backgrounds.

Lots of my patients have made wonderful contributions to the community – some artists and some chefs, lots of teachers, police officers, and nurses. They’re serving the community, and  we’re honored to service them.


The head doctors at Steinway Family Dental


Over the course of the years, you’ve had more than 17,000 patients. What do you think keeps people coming back to your office, and picking you as their family dentist?

It’s about keep a relationship with them. A lot comes with calling yourself a family dentist. We don’t treat them like they’re someone we don’t know, we treat them like family. We also have all the specialists under the same roof. We set it up like that so that you don’t have to travel to three different offices for specialty work. You just go to the next door. It creates an environment that’s familiar and comfortable.



For more information on Steinway Family Dental, you can visit their website.  Keep an eye out, we’ll be giving out a FREE gift card to Steinway Dental!


Steinway Family Dental
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