Oktoberfest? How about OkTOGAfest.

There’s another event coming to Astoria from the wild minds at Pop Bar, and in keeping up with their daily dose of 90’s nostalgia, this one’s bringing you back to your college days.

Now, no college party is complete without two thing: Red solo cups. And a kegger. And once a year, everyone donned their bed sheets and headed out to a toga party. (Guys, I’m hoping this is accurate, I went to a CUNY. We never had fun parties).

Like this, but with togas.

Anyway. To celebrate those long gone days, Pop Bar is celebrating Oktoberfest with their Oktogafest party – and it is going to be awesome. Here’s the deal. Put on your bedsheets. Extra points if you’re wearing knock off Ray-bans. You know the ones. And get ready to eat and drink!

Everyone, everywhere has a pair of these. Right?

Here’s the details from Pop Bar:

$10 buys you a PERSONALIZED RED SOLO CUP with 5 WARSTEINER draft refills!
$10 buys you a bucket of 5 warsteiner bottles!
$3 buys you shots of fireball or jack daniels honey

men wear your TOGAS and get a free raffle ticket to win a golf bag.
women wear your TOGAS and get a free raffle ticket for a MANI PEDI


Now, along with THEIR prizes, we’re giving away our own. We’ve got two food plates to give away (Bratwurst, kraut and potato salad), so you can drink up, and not worry about getting hungry! It’s easy, just enter below!

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