Looking back at the World Cup – in Astoria!

All good things must come to an end.  Despite the multitude of controversy surrounding the 2014 World Cup it is undeniable that Brazil’s edition of the world’s greatest sporting event has been spectacular.  There have been a total of 171 goals in 64 games, a series of brilliant individual performances, and plenty of upsets- all of which have combined to thrill soccer fans, both old and new.

It’s no surprise that Astoria, one of Queens’ most culturally diverse neighborhoods, has had a severe case of what many refer to as “soccer fever” for the past month.  The beautiful game’s influence was apparent, with the colors of various nations making appearances everywhere from the windows of bars/restaurants and cars to the very backs of supporters.  But despite the fact that over the past month residents of Astoria may have been divided over which country to cheer for, we were all unified by our love for the game.  Now, after the tournament’s conclusion, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from Astoria’s World Cup.


1) Colombia vs Greece- Both countries boast large numbers in Queens, so its no wonder that for this fixture all of the bars in Astoria were packed with supporters.  Unfortunately for the Greeks, Colombia would handily win this match 3-0.


Photo courtesy of @StudioSquareNYC


2) Greece needed a win against Ivory Coast in order to advance to the knockout stages of the tournament.  Queue the dramatic finale, with Georgios Samaras burying a penalty in stoppage time to send the Greeks through.


Photo courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk

Photo courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk


3) In the Round of 16 Colombia played Uruguay.  In what would turn out to be a historic win, the Colombians defeated their South American counterparts 2-0.  Colombians could be found celebrating on Steinway.



4) James Rodriguez, who would eventually win the golden boot (most goals in the tournament), had this stunner.

5) In the quarterfinals Brazil knocked out Colombia, much to the dismay of many residents of Astoria.  However, the Brazilians would go on to be completely dismantled by Germany, losing 7-1.  In the consolation 3rd place match the Brazilians would be thrashed again, this time by the Netherlands, in a lopsided match that ended up 3-0.  These two massive loses may just combine for the biggest disappointment in the history of organized sports.  The Colombians loved it every minute of it.

Photo courtesy of www.theguardian.com

Photo courtesy of www.theguardian.com

6) This outrageous skit from Conan O’Brien’s “Team Coco,” where Astoria’s diversity, culture, and passion is highlighted in ridiculous fashion.



Jack Haanraadts is currently an undergraduate student at SUNY New Paltz.  He thoroughly enjoys reading and writing, philosophical debates, soccer, and a quality cup of coffee.  Follow him on Twitter, @JackRyanHaanraadts.