Nutrition Advice From An Expert!

Jessica Alvarez is a registered dietitian and nutritionist, who has dedicated her life to the journey of health – and helping others find their healthy lifestyle as well. Currently a nutritionist at one of our favorite local gyms, Life Health and Fitness, Jessica gives locals and gym members the tools they need to achieve better health.
“I got into nutrition because I struggled at a point with my weight, and I wanted to make a permanent change. I didn’t want a quick diet, I wanted something sustainable, and that’s when I first started getting into healthy eating.




Every time I learned something new, I changed my diet. I constantly reflected what I was learning. I didn’t want a quick diet, I wanted something sustainable”


Jessica tells us the most instrumental tool in weight loss and getting healthier is your mind.
In my experience before learning all of this a lot of people lose their hunger cues, and don’t know when they’re satisfied.”


Losing your hunger cues means that you don’t know when to stop eating. You don’t realize that your body is telling you it’s full. As a nutritionist, Jessica helps her clients understand the signs of being full – learning to explore these hunger cues, decode them, and find out why they’re no longer there.


Now – don’t think it’s all about endless vegetables.


“Healthy eating is my job, but it’s also my every day. I try to balance between good and bad.”




Jessica tells us the biggest change she’s made in her life is cooking and eating at home. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be bland – Jessica uses ingredients like taco seasoning that can take a meal a long way!


Simple changes can make a huge difference. If you’re someone that’s used to eating huge portions, don’t jump into a vigorous diet. Instead, Jessica tells us, cut down to smaller portions. Once you’ve got that down, start adding in healthier ingredients.


“It’s not a race to the end. It’s about making small, tiny changes that add up. Changes that are sustainable in the long run!  I always tell my clients to tackle one hurdle at a time – one small challenge at a time.”


Those small challenges add up. If you make just one change a month, you’ve got twelve new aspects to your life at the end of the year.


The biggest thing? Educate yourself. In the midst of all the gluten free hype, Jessica clued us in to the fact that gluten free isn’t always the way to be. The best thing to do is research, and find out from knowledgeable sources – like Jessica.




Along with nutrition, there’s also the matter of physical activity. If you’re eating all the right things, you should also be adding in at least some physical activity. The great thing about being a nutritionist at one of Astoria’s best gyms that is Jessica can provide her clients with nutrition advice, and then give advice on beginning a work out plan as well.


If you want to make a change in your physical health, Jessica might be the person to start with! Her services at Life Health and Fitness range from one-on-one counseling, to nutrition classes, integrated nutrition and fitness weight loss classes, grocery tips and more!


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