Quontic in the Community

When you think “banking,” you don’t really think of a friendly, home-like place – but there’s one bank in Astoria that’s trying to rethink the way you feel about banks.

Quontic Bank has been a permanent fixture in Astoria for years– their orange interior and friendly bankers are an easy thing to get used to. But at Quontic, it seems they’re doing more than just making their customers smile – they’re an actual part of the community they’re in.

We spoke to Mike Serao, the regional Vice-President, and he told us a little about Quontic’s community philosophy.

“We call ourselves a community bank,” he tells us, “and that’s something we really adhere to and take seriously. It’s something we consistently try and live up to.”

Quontic does just that – supporting local organizations including the Mind and Miracles Foundation, QSAC, Shareing and Careing, The Lions Club, the local nursing home, the Astoria Kiwanis Club, and many more.

The U10 DUSC recreational team sponsored by Quontic Bank


Mike says, “We look for organizations that are community based, and are looking to make a real difference. We find ourselves leaning towards organizations that help children, because we believe they’re out future, and organizations that assist seniors, because we believe that they need to be supported by the community they’re part of.”

So, how exactly does Quontic help these organizations? You might think, “They’re a bank. They give them money,” but you’d only be partially right. While monetary donations are a part of the puzzle, Quontic does even more.

They allow their space to be used for meetings – something that’s difficult for smaller organizations that can’t afford to rent a brick and mortar space. They also offer hands on assistance for events – bringing out actual members of the Quontic team to volunteer and assist.


Regional Vice-President Mike Serao, with the Children of the Serious Fun After School, Inc. Art Program – whose art was displayed at Quontic Bank


Mike tells us that understanding local Astorians and their needs is imperative to Quontic Bank.

“There’s a lot of seniors that have been coming to Quontic for a long time – but they aren’t sure how to use computers to pay their bills, or use other banking advancements. We help them in person, and we stick to programs that they’re used to – like  Passbooks.”

So, what is it that keeps customers coming back to Quontic for years and years?

“We do more than just write checks,” Mike tells us, “We care about every person that walks in the doors at Quontic Bank.”