A Giant Ice Cream Factory Just Opened in Astoria!

Summers in New York can get HOT, and one of the best feelings is walking down Ditmars in the summer sun, ice cream cone in hand, flip flops on and sunglasses shading you from the blazing sun. Now… that seems pretty hard to beat… but I think it just has been.

Right in time to ring in the summer, Fal Foods opened up the LARGEST ice cream factory on the East coast – right here in Astoria, at 24-20 49th Street. The brand is making some amazing flavors like Sicilian Hazelnut Truffle. They supply four different ice cream lines, including DF Mavens – which sells exclusively at Whole Foods, Brazilia Gelato – which you  can find in Greenwhich Village at Brazilia Cafe (684 Broadway, New York, NY 10012).

But the coolest part? You can create your own flavor. Whether you like your ice cream a little salty, or filled with strawberries, the team at Fal Foods will help put together a frozen concoction that your taste buds will love. (See edit).

We’re really excited, because who doesn’t love ice cream!? We might even think of creating a Give Me Astoria ice cream! What should we put in it?


Edit: We just spoke to Fal Foods and it turns out you can’t exaaaactly make your own ice cream – unless you’re a business or restaurateur that is – in which case Fal Foods can help you create a private label ice cream blend. They’re also not quite ready to open to the public for tours – but we’ll be the first ones to know when they are!