Stir Up the Batter: The Duchess of Cookies Whips Up a $1000 Gem of A Cookie


Ready for her grand entrance, the Duchess of Cookies is making her Astoria debut. She arrives on scene atop a baccarat catchall dish with a ruby chocolate shoe, a string of freshwater pearls, and the star of the show – a ruby chocolate ganache-filled cookie encased in 23-karat gold leaves

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Understanding the Checks and Balances of Social Media

Social Media Apps

In a world where we are increasingly becoming more and more entrenched in virtual communication and online lifestyles, it’s important to remember that what we say is no longer just what we say; any intended, or unintended comments made, that are not fully explained or misunderstood, can be left open to interpretation, leaving us more…

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Churn Up the Cream with Eva’s Helado

What happens when two unusual, and highly compatible textures and flavors come together? You get the wholesome creamy goodness of sweet cream blended together with Mexican vanilla and churro swirls to indulge your sweet tooth with a panache of Latin flavor. California-based McConnell’s Family Dairy has been crafting fine ice cream for 70 years, using…

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These Scenes Are Made of Dreams

Put the Pop in Your Picnic with VibeNic We all know there are some backyard divas out there when it comes to going all out on the green, so we’ve upped the outdoor game. We went from camping to glamping, and now we are turning an ordinary picnic into an elegant, luxurious experience worthy of…

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  We know what’s on your mind. While vaccine protection from COVID-19 has become widely accessible and sensible, many New Yorkers are still hesitant to get vaccinated.  With indoor venues now requiring proof of vaccinations, what does all this mean for you if you are not vaccinated? In our monthly catch-up, Legal Counsel Elias Fillas…

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Astoria’s Raising the Roof

Summer is in full swing, and so are those hot, sticky, summer nights. On the flipside, when they’re dry, warm and breezy, where can you go to take it easy? We may not have an abundance of backyards, but we certainly made do – check out our list of Astoria’s can’t-miss rooftops that can turn…

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