Striking Gold

Astoria denizens are lining up in droves for a box of glistening gems submerged in oil, sifted through and “dipped in gold.” We aren’t referring to jewelry or bitcoins here, but when it comes to loukoumades, or Greek donuts, a sweet tradition using honey is taken to an elevated level.

Purists will still find the classic version of these notable delicacies, dusted with cinnamon and chopped walnuts, at the newly opened Gold ‘N Honey, but with a fancier twist. Those beloved balls of honey-coated dough now come dressed in a palette of colorful flakes, fillings, toppings and swirls, like white chocolate, milk chocolate, Nutella, fresh strawberries, biskotti crumbles and crushed Oreo cookies. For an extra shot of decadence, you can also get these little love bites with a scoop of ice cream and candy sprinkles.

Image by Athena Efter

Image by Athena Efter

True to its name, the storefront has a black exterior with a gold logo, along with packaging and branding using the same color theme. Inside, it’s light and bright with a neon pink sign highlighting their signature offering. You can also purchase other sweet and savory treats like spinach pies, muffins or croissants.

They may not have any treats for Fido yet, but you can sit and sip an iced Freddo with your furry friend. Your dog will be treated like gold and provided with a fresh bowl of water for those hazy, lazy summer nights, or days, that call for ice cream and a little something extra…kind of like a donut…kind of like a zeppole…kind of like something you will love…and eventually learn to pronounce!


25-03 Ditmars Blvd.|@goldnhoneynyc