Hamido Seafood’s owner offers special advice on helping our restaurants

Image courtesy of Rudy Mansy.

Hamido Seafood, which officially opened its doors in May 2019, has gained notoriety in the neighborhood for serving fresh seafood with an Egyptian twist. In under a year, Hamido Seafood has been able to achieve a strong community following, and even a glowing review from The New York Times.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant has fallen on tough times. Owner Rudy Mansy informed me that Hamido Seafood was forced to lay off about 45% of its staff, for starters. Mansy said: “It started with no dining-in, which we’re 100% seafood. Seafood is not a big fan of deliveries and take out. It’s not one of the meals that you want to wait on. It’s always to be served fresh at the time of cooking. Between dining in not happening and only relying on pick-ups and deliveries, we were hurt big-time with the sales. We had to lay off a lot of our employees as well, especially the floor ones”.

Despite the difficulties of operating a small business in today’s world, the team at Hamido Seafood has managed to give back to its community in a profound way. Hamido has coordinated multiple food orders to treat staff at hospitals such as Mount Sinai Queens and Elmhurst Hospital to a freshly-cooked meals. Mansy, rightfully so, takes tremendous pride in being able to give back, stating “we won’t be able to fight this unless we all stick together”, said Mansy.

How else can our community help restaurant owners at this time? Mansy recommends trying to order out from a different small restaurant once a day, if possible. “Local restaurants are the most impacted places in this crisis; big companies and chains already have support” said Mansy. Restaurants like Hamido are relying on these deliveries via Grubhub and Seamless. Hamido Seafood is currently offering $5 off for every first-time customer, and $10 off every $30 for orders.

If you would like to learn more about Hamido Seafood, please visit its Instagram page. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about Give Me Astoria’s efforts to support local restaurants and feed healthcare and essential workers, you may visit our official GoFundMe.