Anti-Gay Vandal Still At Large In Astoria

The anti-gay anti-Obama vandal hasn’t stopped his ignorant pleas for attention as more graffiti is spotted all over the neighborhood.

He spray painted the words “Obama F___t” and “Kill F-gs and d-kes” along with “F-gs f-gs” all over the neighborhood in the past month, hitting the same garage three times after being cleaned off, according to police.

The words were spray painted either Monday night or early Tuesday morning on the garage along 23rd Street, between 28th and 29th Avenues.

Police believe that all 16 cases of vandalism are part of the same pattern by the same individual that started back in December when he tagged lawmakers’ office buildings with the homophobic slurs.

114th Precinct commander Deputy Inspector Peter Fortune said “It’s the same handwriting.” A NYPD Hate Crime Task Force has been opened in order to investigate the spree.

The most recent incident was caught on camera as the suspect sprayed the words “F-gs” on a glass door of a building on 18th Street and 27th Avenue. He can be seen wearing a black hooded jacket and gloves.

He is described as standing around 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, according to police.

Any one with any information is urged to call the 114th Precinct.

*Featured Image: DNAinfo/Jeanmarie Evelly; NYPD